2013 Conference

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Worldviews 2013

Our next gathering takes the 2011 discussion to the world stage, where booming enrollments in higher education are nearing 200 million. About 75% belong to institutions in industrializing countries. Worldviews 2013 will bring the stories behind these developments, and the local and global media who cover them, into focus. Held at the University of Toronto, the conference will host experts from the Americas, Pacifica, Asia, Africa and Europe. Our aim is to collect perspectives from the podium and the floor, and keep this important – and now global – discussion rolling.

An Unconventional Convention

Worldviews 2013 encourages every participant to let their voice be heard – even before the conference starts.

  • A pre-conference event in early 2013 will bring together attendees and raise the profile of the June conference.
  • Keynote addresses, workshops and roundtables will promote very active audience participation.
  • A block of open programming will give air time for specific ideas emerging from the conference.
  • Interviews with leading thinkers, as well as readings and films will be scheduled.
  • A live Twitter feed will enable a constant stream of input from all wired participants.
  • Media stations and wireless connectivity will be provided.
  • Sessions will be recorded for future broadcast.


The conference took place from Wednesday, June 19, 2013 to Friday, June 21, 2013.

Click here for the Conference Agenda.