Worldviews 2019 will focus on democracy and the changing power relations of higher education and the media in the global north and south – specifically examining the concept of expertise in a post-truth world and the types of voices amplified by emerging technologies. It will draw together a diverse, international audience, including academics, students, leaders in higher education, communications professionals, journalists, editors, bloggers, and others pioneering new ways of connecting in a digital world without borders.

The conference will provide a forum for attendees to engage thoughtfully with the challenges and opportunities presented by the democratization of higher education and the media, facilitate a lively exchange of ideas, and explore innovative possibilities for partnerships.

Areas of particular focus include:

  • How do we communicate in a “post-truth” world? How does the democratization of expertise change how we communicate? How does it affect the impact of our communications?
  • How do technological changes impact higher education and the media? What are the implications for both sectors? How might technology be used in the future? What are the implications for the work of academics and journalists with changing technology and intensified social media platforms? How do these shifts impact collaborations between media and academics? What changes might we see in labour markets, student expectations, and future public attitudes as a result of technological changes?
  • How might diverse voices be recognized in media and higher education with changing power structures?
  • How does democratization open up opportunities to ask questions that were previously impossible to consider?
  • In a world where news from the other side of the world is only a click away, how do foreign events and developments influence domestic approaches to higher education and media? How do these global intersections influence the work of academics and journalists, and how do different international perspectives help shape local discussions?

Who can attend and when can I register?

The program is varied and attractive for a broad audience. We anticipate attendees will be academics, people working in the media (journalists, editors), researchers, university and college communications professionals, graduate students, and other interested members of the public.

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Conference organizers and sponsors are excited to welcome you to Toronto.

Worldviews 2019 will be held in Toronto, Ontario on June 12-14th at the University of Toronto (Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Avenue).

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Conference - June 12th to 14th 2019

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