Higher education should seek to understand learners- Worldviews Speaker

Getting to understand people should be the most critical business strategy in higher education today, Chad Gaffield, one of the speakers at the Worldviews 2013 conference, has said.
The two-day conference, which started on Thursday, is holding in Toronto, Canada.

At the conference, prominent thinkers in media and higher education  have been engaged in debates and conversations on how media coverage of higher education is changing in a dynamic global landscape.

The conference with the theme,” Global trends in media and higher education, is organized by the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations.
Looking at the impact of social media and other forms of emerging communications technology, Gaffield, a keynote speaker and President, Social Science and Humanities Research Council,  

wonders  if the new media are becoming 21st century newspapers.
He spoke on Understanding People: How new insights are transforming campuses, companies and communities in the digital age.

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