Intervention versus the open market

In the Anglo university model, it is never quite clear how involved the government is allowed to be in university affairs. Although the strong emphasis on institutional autonomy stresses the power of universities to set programming priorities and policies, governments often play a regulating role that has serious implications for university operations.

The recent provincial government intervention in Ontario’s teacher education programming is one example of government action that will dramatically change the sector.

Stakeholders are, of course, divided on whether these changes will be a marked improvement or not. But the changes are coming and the government has asserted itself in regulating professional programmes to meet labour market needs.

Labour market interventions

There seems to be a recurring blame game that ensues when graduates of professional programmes find themselves unemployed.

This was the case at one of the sessions of the recent “Worldviews 2013” conference, co-hosted by University World News, in which student activists and journalism professors had a rather heated Q&A time about whether journalists are born or made.

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